Predict 2019 Summit Agenda

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10:00 - 10:30am - Keynote by Mirco Hering: Looking towards 2019 – will we have AIOps take over DevOps
Looking towards 2019 – will we have AIOps take over DevOps
By Mirco Hering, Principal Director – APAC DevOps and Agile, Accenture

2018 has seen a huge uptake in DevOps across Enterprises. There were lots of good news but we also learned new failure patterns. In this keynote Mirco will look back at 2018 and what he learned over the year and then look to 2019 and what the new year will bring for DevOps.

10:30 - 11:00am - Conversation with Dr. Chenxi Wang: Cloud Transformation Drives Security Roadmap
Prediction 2019: Cloud Transformation Drives Security Roadmap – Conversation with Dr. Chenxi Wang
By Dr. Chenxi Wang, Founder, Rain Capital

Cloud transformation is not only here, but is now driving specific security roadmap and spending for organizations. This is likely to be the biggest trend for cybersecurity for the near future. Join Dr. Chenxi Wang, one of the most influential women in cybersecurity as she shares her predictions on future of cybersecurity in the cloud computing era.


11:00 - 11:30am - CEO Panel: 2019, The Year of AIOps
CEO Panel: 2019, The Year of AIOps


Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, MediaOps Inc. (Moderator)
Evan Kaplan, CEO, InfluxData
David Link, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ScienceLogic
Kunal Agarwal, Co-founder & CEO, Unravel Data

Few terms are getting more buzz for 2019 than AIOps. Whether in Asia, Europe or North American, everyone seems to be talking about AIOps and what effect it will have on IT. Some folks even see it as the successor to DevOps. But what really is AIOps? How are high performing IT teams harnessing things like big data and machine learning to leverage AIOps?

This panel features the CEOS of three powerhouse companies who see AIOps as a big part of their success in 2019 and beyond. Come learn why 2019 could be the year of AIOps and what it means to you.

11:00 - 11:30pm - Panel: Making DevOps More Ops-friendly
Making DevOps More Ops-friendly


Charlene O’Hanlon, Managing Editor, MediaOps Inc. (Moderator)
Damon Edwards, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Rundeck
John Willis, VP of DevOps and Digital Practices at SJ Technologies
Andi Mann, Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate, Splunk

Despite the name, DevOps puts more emphasis on developers and less on operations. How might that change in 2019? Our panel of experts will weigh in on what they believe will be the trends for making DevOps more Ops-friendly in the coming year and perhaps beyond.

11:30 - 12:00pm - How to Manage Open Source Risk within the DevOps Delivery Model
How to Manage Open Source Risk within the DevOps Delivery Model
RJ Gazarek, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Veracode

Security teams continually face the growing use of open source components in software development and the escalating number of vulnerabilities that comes with this. As vulnerable components continue to be an entry point for cyber-criminals, security teams have to figure out how to pinpoint and manage them. At the same time, as businesses strive to maintain an advantage in the digital economy, they need to reconcile the use of components with the rapid delivery models such as DevOps, which IT organizations are trying to achieve and optimize.

Join this session to hear practical steps on how to reduce the risk of using open source components without slowing down your development process. Learn ways to work with development teams to create a baseline inventory of these components, get your development teams trained and equipped to manage this inventory, and integrate this approach into your software development and delivery.

11:30 - 12:00pm - Panel: The Business Value of Value Stream Mapping
The Business Value of Value Stream Mapping in 2019


Jayne Groll, CEO, DevOps Institute (Moderator)
Michael Orzen, Author, Lean IT and the Lean IT Field Guide
Jeff Keyes, Director of Product Marketing, Plutora

Value Stream Mapping has emerged as a critical exercise for enterprises wanting to understand how and when they delivery value to their customers.   This panel will explain the core concepts behind Value Stream Mapping and discuss how and why this approach is essential to a successful digital transformation.

12:00 - 12:30pm - Panel: Ubiquitous Open Source Makes for Security Challenges

Ubiquitous Open Source Makes for Security Challenges


Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, MediaOps Inc.
Cindy Blake, Sr Security Evangelist, GitLab
Rami Sass, Co-Founder and CEO, WhiteSource
Baruch Sadogursky, Head of Developer Relations, JFrog

You don’t need an expert to tell you that open source software will be ubiquitous in the enterprise in 2019. You also don’t need an expert to tell you that this will present security challenges either. But what can you do in 2019 to ensure your open source software is as secure as you can make it? Best practices, processes and tools are coming into focus. 2019 is the year you need to implement and use them. Join us as a panel of experts shares their best advice to help make 2019 a secure year for your open source use.

12:00 - 12:30pm - The Future of DevOps; Predictions from NS1

The Future of DevOps; Predictions from NS1
Jonathan Sullivan, CTO, NS1

At NS1, we see DevOps as helping improve scalability and the application delivery process as a whole. Despite its benefits, moving to DevOps can be a challenging undertaking, especially for organizations riddled with legacy applications and technology. Many companies fail to reap the benefits because making the shift requires substantial changes to culture, processes and the resulting toolset.

As we move into 2019, the emergence of DevOps continues to be a part of a growing number of global enterprises. With the rise of this methodology, what new DevOps trends have yet to appear?

12:30 - 1:00pm - Charting the Course to AIOps

Charting the Course to AIOps
Peter Luff, Sr. Director Product Marketing, ScienceLogic

AIOps is garnering significant attention for bringing new levels of automation to IT Operations, by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this presentation, ScienceLogic will discuss the current state of AIOps and several use cases that show how the highly ephemeral IT landscape of containers, clouds and server-less compute can be managed effectively at machine speed. By collecting high quality operational data and applying context, IT organizations can achieve reliable operational automation to reduce costs, manage complexity and leverage effective use of Artificial Intelligence.

12:30 - 1:00pm - Seeing DevOps 2020

Seeing DevOps 2020
Kit Merker, VP for Business Development at JFrog

The DevOps marketplace is in a state of healthy chaos. As industry-shaping players like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and others continue to make strategic moves and announcements – all amidst the rise of Kubernetes, OSS tools and the security-driven shift-left – we can see the future of DevOps begin to form. Join me as we look into the crystal ball, cut through the noise, and expose what we’ll all know by the end of 2020. Not-at-all-hyperbolic spoiler: the market is waaaaaaaay bigger than you think.

1:30 - 2:00pm - Panel: Cloud Security in 2019
Cloud Security in 2019


Tony Bradley, Technologist / Editor-in-Chief,
Chris Wysopal, Chief Technology Officer at CA Veracode
Sam Bisbee, Chief Security Officer, Threat Stack
Jo Peterson, Vice President, Cloud Services, Clarify360

Tony Bradley will host a panel of leading cloud security experts to discuss the challenges organizations face securing assets and protecting data across private and public cloud environments, and hybrid infrastructures that span the cloud and on-premise data center. We will talk about issues of comprehensive visibility and present solutions and best practices to monitor your cloud infrastructure, identify suspicious or malicious activity, and take action to stop attacks and prevent a data breach.

2:00 - 2:30pm - Panel: Continuous Testing Equals Quality
Continuous Testing Equals Quality


Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, MediaOps Inc.
Anand Akela, VP, Product Marketing, Tricentis
Lubos Parobek, VP of Products, Sauce Labs

The mantra of Continuous Testing has been chanted for a few years now. Many enterprises have adopted continuous testing for at least some aspects of their QA testing. Some are even performing continuous security testing. Will 2019 be the year that continuous testing becomes synonymous with quality? That is the promise, is this the year it delivers? This panel of testing experts will discuss what you can do to adopt end to end continuous testing and what you should be measuring to ensure the result is higher quality product.

2:00 - 2:30pm - Accelerate software delivery: How to make 2019 your cloud-native year
Accelerate software delivery: How to make 2019 your cloud-native year

Brandon Jung, VP Alliances, Cloud Native, GitLab

Modern software development is rapidly evolving from legacy, monolithic architectures, and processes to cloud-native, microservices and DevOps driven delivery. Yet, cloud-native has yet to become the defacto standard. The challenge facing enterprise IT development managers and their teams is creating a strategy to transition their legacy systems and projects to take advantage of cloud-native techniques, technologies, and tools. Join our GitLab Cloud Native Expert as we share how Cloud Native is poised to become widely adopted in 2019 due to the proliferation of multi-cloud, increased adoption of serverless in the enterprise, and the emergence of machine learning management tools.

2:30 - 3:00pm - Keynote by Rich Mogull: DevSecOps Predicts 2019
DevSecOps Predicts 2019
Rich Mogull, Co-found & CEO, Securosis and DisruptOps

As DevOps continues to take the world by storm and become the dominant model for IT projects, DevSecOps faces the growing pains of any emerging practice. In this keynote, analyst, coder, and advisory board member Rich Mogull highlights the latest trends in DevSecOps and how he expects it to evolve in 2019 as we develop a growing consensus on the role of automation in SecOps.

3:00 - 3:30pm - Keynote by John Willis
John Willis, VP of DevOps and Digital Practices at SJ Technologies